Spoetify #3 What a Fool Believes (The Doobie Brothers, 1978. Written very early this morning with a smelly dog)

‘It’s still not real to me’ his mouth said.

His thin shoulders agreed

‘But I know what I saw’.

‘I was out early with the dog –

The sky though felt different today –

Vermillion and toasty

A hushed forest floor.’

He gazed at the fuzzy microphone,

spinning bewilderment.

‘I almost took a photo

But then I thought – forget it

How often do we think that

and then genuinely regret it?’

He mops his brow with the dog.

‘Listen, I”m not a hocus pocus kind of guy

But I trust what I see what I know with my eye

There it was – not a leprechaun or lights in the sky

Over there, twixt the glade and the sty

Was a smart little man in navy suit and tie

Handing out money and saying he’d try

To the poor little folks who were standing by

He listened to a woman, shook his head with a sigh

Said he didn’t know, was sorry, it was wrong, wouldn’t fly

He took out a pen, drew up a plan

The woman beamed, already a fan

He made one call – then it was done

Waved off the woman’s thanks, said he had to run

He liked to go where the press wouldn’t see

And that was when he spotted me

And he vanished – like that – just plain disappeared

Just me, dog and little folk – no one affeared.’

He squinted hard at the lady-with-the-mic.

‘I can see that you’re looking at me with suspicion

But there’s no reward for this – I’m not on commission

And I’ll be met in the pub with a ton of derision

But I’m sure – what I saw – was – an honest politician!’

Author: nefny

Getting on with it.

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