Write, it tells me in the top corner.  So I write.  What has happened to me recently?  I stayed in Britain’s most haunted hotel for two nights  – and if that doesn’t sound like a Woman’s Own (or maybe Chat) headline, what does?  I did what I do everywhere to find comfort – I channel surfed, looking for episodes of Law and Order broadcast between the hours of 11.30pm – 3.30, when I relented and settled on Suits and Dance Moms.  I may get myself a t-shirt emblazoned with the single descriptor: ‘Survivor’.


I found some terrific recipes and a new old favourite chef; Marcella Hazan.  I learnt to eat more consciously.  I did very little exercise and thought about food, good food.  I enjoyed the flesh roll gathering at the top of all trousers purchased before October 2014.  I thought about Carrie Fisher, even going as far as to read one of her books (really!) and it gave me courage just to write and see what happens.


I had some time, less time than I thought, but some time, time which I maximised by de-prioritising work and focusing on fun, creative fun that my dutiful mind had reframed as flippant or arduous in turn, anything to stop me from engaging.


I looked at my son; furious, defiant, learning, gorgeous.


I could have looked at skies and clouds but I don’t feel bad for not doing so.  I did enough.

Author: nefny

Getting on with it.

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