Boozey doos

So it’s been a boozey do, this weekend.  And all my plans to write incredible blog posts about food, religion andthe Middle East crisis have gone out the window.  As have my plans to actually tidy up.  I’m reaching for the white wine as I type.

Plus ca change.  It has been an excellent booze discovery weekend however, largely thanks to the participation and leadership of a good friend of mine who can drink to the point of moral concern.As an addendum to last week’s post, Manchester also has better cocktail bars than London.  Boo ya!


So we went to Socio Rehab which is hidden and should onle be found by superl cool kids like yours truly.  It’s great.  It sort of reminds me of when parents in the 70s had bars in their living rooms, somewhere public for them to display the weird liquers that they brought back from duty free (the ones that got all sugary around the top from not being drunk).  Socio Rehab has lovely comfy chairs and feels homely without being arch, the perfect combo in which to tear things up.  The cocktail list is brilliant – in fact I’m not even going to describe it, just go and have a look:

It’s fruity!  It’s boozy!  And it’s like being  in a really great front room!


That’s it for today – I am far too drunk to write a full descriptive, reflective and fact filled post.


Author: nefny

Getting on with it.

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